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Artwork– Framing your portrait

Artwork –

Framing your portraits


Our Artwork Range

We truly believe the true beauty of photography is having the images turned into stunning wall art to be seen by your visitors and not to be left on a USB stick forgotten in a drawer or become a social post you have to scroll far down to see.

We offer a range of premium artwork with our fine art prints starting at an investment of £90. All our collection is sourced from the highest quality labs in the UK. Digital prints are also available upon request.


Deep Framed Canvas - Price from £85.00 to £165.00

A truly timeless fine art wall piece. This archival pro canvas is first hand stretched around our exhibition pro bars then set into the custom made deep frame to create a floating effect. The canvas bars and deep wooden frame moulding is a heavyweight product made to impress.

Finish – 380gsm (including fine art UV varnish for added protection and light fastness (no need for glass)

Size – 16in x 16in (not including frame)

Frame – white or black (also available without frame)


Framed Pro Mounted Print - £125.00

Pro Mount is inset into a custom made wooden tray frame with an 8mm surround creating the illusion that it is suspended within the frame. This is an ideal product for bedrooms and living areas due to its lightweight properties and its crisp image and matte finish.

Frame – Wooden tray frame in black or white

Size – 16inch x 16inch (not including frame)


Box Frame - £90.00

A contemporary alternative to traditional framing. A photographic print is bonded to a board and carefully inset into the specially designed frame creating a clean and crisp box styling. Easy to hang and sits flush to the wall. Matte finish supplied.

Frame – white or black

Finish – sealed with a matte film

Size – 16in x 16in (not including frame)

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