Hello, I'm Helena

As a profound dog lover (no surprise there), Studio Woof was formed to merge my love of animals and photography to allow others to experience the joy I have found in capturing that perfect moment and the memories that these images evoke. By week I am a Visual Designer for all things digital which I also really enjoy. However, the distinct lack of dogs enabled Studio Woof to fill that void!

The style of Studio Woof is a contemporary twist on more traditional styles of pet photography. The aim is to really showcase the pet portrait and for it to be a piece of statement art within the family home. Pets really are another member of the family, and although they’re not here for a long time, it’s important to capture them whilst they are!

For anyone who knows me, will also know the Giant Schnauzer, AKA Ollie the Giant. He features in some of the photographs above and really is a large part of the family. Naturally, he has his own instagram account (@schnauzer_lover) so you can keep tabs of his (large & destructive) wagging tail on there!

If you have any questions or queries, please feel to get in touch via the contact form below.

Helena x


The Process

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